Basic Guidelines

The following are some basic guidelines and common courtesies to follow for a ?better quality of life? for you and your neighbors.


  • Pelham Bay has an indoor garage and outdoor parking lot. Spaces are rented to residents only on a first come first serve basis. VIEW CURRENT PARKING WAITING LIST (PDF).

Door Keys

The entrances to the property are controlled by a key fob system and same must be requested through Management. 2 keys are being supplied to each apt:

  • There is a $10.00 US dollar deposit for the first 2 (two) KEYS BEING SUPPLIED
  • Extra Keys are $25.00 US (each) (Refundable)
  • Lost keys are $50.00 US (each)to replace(Non Refundable)
  • Keys are NOT transferable.
  • Signer agrees to return ALL KEYS upon termination of their residency at Pelham Bay Towers within 5 business days or deposit will be forfeited.

Please make CHECKS, or MONEY ORDERS payable to Pelham Bay Owners Corp. You can have this payment for the keys added to your maintenance bill if you would like. Please indicate that on the form. ABSOLUTELY NO CASH PAYMENTS accepted.

Garbage Disposal and Recycling

  • Each tower has its own garbage and recycling rooms.
  • All items for disposal should be placed inside the proper bins in the designated trash rooms.
  • Larger items should be placed in the large garbage room in the garage.
  • Pick up is every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Visit the Recycling page on this website for more information related to recycling.

Laundry Room

  • No smoking in the laundry room.
  • All laundry carts should remain in the laundry room at all times for others to use.
  • Make the washers and dryers clean and acceptable for the next person to use.
  • Clean any messes made by yourself.


  • Cigarettes should be disposed of in a proper receptacle not thrown in flower beds, yard or any common area.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any common area, i.e. laundry room, storage room, halls, stairs, elevators, garage, etc.

Bulletin Board

  • A bulletin board outside the laundry is available for postings by all residents.
  • No flyers are to be posted in any other area of the building.
  • Remove any outdated material.

Pooper Scooper & Leash Laws

  • There is a pooper scooper and leash law in New York City.
  • No pets should be allowed to use the front and backyards for urinating or defecating.
  • Dogs must be walked in/out through the garage and may not exit or enter through the front doors.
  • The elevator must be yielded to residents and dogs will need to wait for an empty elevator.

Repair / Service Requests


  • It is suggested that if the superintendent is engaged for any personal services that he is compensated for his services.
  • The cooperative assumes no liability if you engage the services of a staff member privately.